Dissertation Journal (Day 2)

A good day. Not too much writing, although was able to put some important ideas down throughout the Jonah outline. I am currently typing with my wrists and arms on p.12-13 of Jouon-Muraoka; was looking for 19th century Hebrew grammars to consult. The main work for today was mapping out event sequences in Jonah. I worked out a sketch for the whole novella, dividing it into two sequences. For the first, I worked out one in detail (the storm at sea scene), and this evening got a great deal of a second sketched out (Yahweh calling Jonah; Jonah fleeing). This has been hugely helpful, and I feel inspired and optimistic about saying some good things. I have been anxious about writing about plot, with the heresy of paraphrase and all looming over my head. I am basing my schemes on Bremond, and am really glad for it. Before, I was sticking to Barthes (“Structural Analysis”), but wasn’t inspired. Making the diagrams is a challenge. I downloaded LibreOffice so I could use LibreOffice Draw (had no MS Office alternative on my PC). It works great!  I miss open source…but I can’t let myself get distracted by Linux and all that right now.

I worked at home for most of the morning, with a nice break midway through when I got a smoothie with Theresa on her way to work. Was feeling like getting away from the computer so I grabbed lunch and a coffee, and took my Bible and a notebook. Got some more work done after dinner, mostly on another schema and a philology trail. I’m feeling sore and stiff, and am hoping to get to the gym tomorrow. As I’m about to go to bed (its 11:25 PM), I’m feeling optimistic but tired.

Starting to plan a trip to Duke for research.

Today was the first day that felt like Fall. In Western NC (apparently…I’ve only lived here just over a year) it gets hot again in August and September, so this is very temporary (it will be back in the 80s in a few days—but sunny). I remember it cooling down a lot in early and mid August, stopping right after school began for the kids. The newspaper said that the Fall colors are going to be typically brilliant. Fall reminds me of when we were first married and living in Dallas, going to the State Fair. Before that, of being a theology grad student with nothing much to do all day. Before that, of having to scoop millions of leaves from an oak tree (not a live oak!) out of my pool when it was “cold” in South Louisiana, when I was in high school. More recently, it reminds me of Chicago, waiting on the corner of Kimbark and 57th to meet Theresa in the late afternoon, during our first year, or taking a trip to the quad with Saoirse when she was 2 1/2 and looking at the leaves changing while she slept in the stroller. When this Fall gets underway, we’ll see if any memories from my first Fall in Black Mountain will stick in this way…

State of the Stack


Today’s Hours Worked
9.5 (6 + 3.5) – feels like a lot compared to the work I have to show for it…

Today’s Word Count
511. Not great, but not a heavy writing day; worked on diagrams instead. Filled in parts of chapter outline. Worked on an elaborate philology footnote.

Today’s Texts
Most of Jonah, esp. 1:13

Today’s Books and Articles
Rimmon-Kenan, Narrative Fiction
Ewald, Ausführliches Lehrbuch der hebräischen Sprache
König, Lehrbuch der hebräischen Grammatik
Guillaume, “The End of Jonah is the Beginning of Wisdom”

Today’s Music

Beethoven, Emperor Concerto (only 1/2…discovered there’s a huge gouge on side A)
Boards of Canada, Music Has the Right to Be Children
David Rawlings, Poor David’s Almanack (with the kids while doing a huge puzzle about the solar system <3)


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