Dissertation journal (day 3)

Still doing this thing! Was mostly a writing day, starting my verbal description of my Bremond-influenced schemata of the plot of Jonah. I worked only on the storm episode, and found a way to discuss the way the ship’s captain (if that’s what the word means) tries to get Jonah to help.

I don’t feel like I got too much done this evening, although I solved a few small problems and worked on a footnote. The morning felt very good and optimistic. At that time, I thought maybe in a week’s time I’ll have a draft of the entire “plot” section of the chapter. I think that’s still doable.

I need to dedicate more time to reading and note taking. There’s sort of a mania that sets in to write and pursue the part of the chapter you are working on relentlessly.

I made it to the gym and didn’t eat too much crap today. Had a trip to the grocery store with Saoirse after we dropped Nora off at her dance class. Nora wanted to wear a headband with a crown but I didn’t think that was a good idea…now I regret it, and want to give her the chance to enjoy her imagination tomorrow.

A few weeks ago we moved into the basement of our home, and gave the upstairs to Theresa’s parents. The quarters are tight (2 rooms for 4 people) and there’s only one window (in the kids’ room), but I’m grateful to have a space (our bedroom + family room + office) that is able to be shut off from the rest of the house. There’s ongoing construction upstairs. I am feeling the effects, even after a week or two, of dedicated space and uninterrupted time, coming just a few weeks after (for the first time ever) both kids are in school. The amount of work I’m getting done has gone way up. It helps that my office is also my living space, so I might as well sit at the desk and look at the chapter DOC, right?

Today’s Hours Worked

Today’s Word Count
1,373. Was a good writing day, did most of it in the first few hours of the morning…I should try to get in some writing before the kids wake up.

Today’s Texts
Jonah 1:4-6

Today’s Books and Articles
Stuck with the Bible

Today’s Music
Autechre, NTS Sessions 1 (LP)

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