Missing Pages: Two Manuscripts of the Samaritan Torah at the Oriental Institute

triglot closeup
Closeup of a page from a Samaritan Pentateuch manuscript held at the Oriental Institute (Chicago)

At the Oriental Institute in Spring 2018, I discovered an unpublished and, except for a few mentions in publications and in in-house materials, unknown manuscript of the Samaritan Pentateuch/Torah, which turned out to be two missing folios from an important trilingual codex, from Genesis (pictured here). Later that year, I was kindly notified of another manuscript containing three folios of Leviticus. I am currently working on a full edition of these, but in the meantime, have written a short article about them (and about the Samaritans and the Samaritan Torah in general) for the Oriental Institute’s members’ magazine¬†News and Notes. You can read it here. The entire issue can be read here.